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The Nutboss is an industry-changing event.

— Spins nuts on threaded rod ten times faster
— Protects from repetitive stress injuries
— Reduces frustration
— Low price, big results

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Ease of use

The nutboss is simple and safe with no training needed.

Save time

Each year millions of feet of threaded rod are installed by band. No more.

Save money

The primary cost factor for threaded rod installation is labor.

Small and portable

Weighing in at only a few ounces, the Nutboss fits in any toolbox.

Your team should be using the Nutboss

And we are the only provider of this unique tool.

A real change to how things are done

Before now, the industry standard was to spin nuts by hand at about one minute per foot. 823,000,000 feet of threaded rod sold in the U.S. in a year!

Sleek and simple design

All applications for all-thread rod involve spinning a nut onto the thread and every single inch has been done by hand….until now.

Designed by an industry veteran

Neal Grover is a lifelong construction worker and pipefitter, with over 30 years in the field, and is a retired member of Union local 393 in San Jose California. Neal conceived and invented the NutBoss after experiencing the frustration of spinning nuts by hand all day. He received a patent for his design on April 22, 2014. Neal is hard at work on the next big tool innovation that will bring value, efficiency, and productivity to the jobsite . Stay tuned!

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